Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funny Kids

Because I like to laugh so much I wanted to share some of my kids funniest moments with you.

Trent- When Trent was little (around 4) he mangled some pronunciations that really made me smile! Hamburger was hang-gamur and backyard was back-in-nard.

One day Trent and I were discussing a toy he wanted. I told him I didn't think he would be getting it anytime soon. He said "wait" looked up at the ceiling was listening for something and the proceeded to tell me "God says you should get me that toy now".

Donovan- When he was littler (around ) Donovan had a very strange habit of wiping his mouth on the table at dinner. If he was eating something away from the table he would wipe his face on the floor!

Donovan is known for replying to almost everything with a question, so when Dan said "Donovan you have something on your face." Donovan looked at him confused-like and said "What face?"

Carter- Carter wanted Dan to come play cars with him so he said " Come on" when he was done playing with Dan he told him to "come off"

Carter still has some trouble pronouncing some consonants (especially pronouncing 2 in a row) so calls his Aunt Becky and his Papa Chuck; Aunt Ducky and Papa Duck.

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