Friday, August 6, 2010

The Funny Things Kids Do and Say

Recently we have been saving up money to get the older boys some bunk beds. While researching the beds I was joined by my 3 year old who took a real interest in these "tall" beds.
He has been harassing me on a daily basis about them. He tells me multiple times everyday " I like that black tall bed, I love it" To which I say "I know, that's a nice one" Well, yesterday I was trying to get through my emails when he started on about his love of bunk beds to which I said "You are just gonna have to wait. We don't have the money yet" Very out of character- like he just let it go and hopped away. A few minutes later he brings me this

He says "Here, get bunk beds" To which I reply "Bug, this is only a few dollars." and he counters with "Get bunk beds at the dollar store" and my response is "I would not want to sleep on bunk beds you could buy for a dollar, seems unsafe"..... Gotta love how kids think :)

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