Monday, August 2, 2010

Room Redo on a Budget

Even though my 3 year old isn't big on T.V or movies he does love all things Toy Story, so when it came time for him to move to a new room I wanted to decorate it with something he would be excited about ....Toy Story! We are on a tight budget so I had to get creative. My first project was turning this old nursery decoration...

In to this cool Toy Story wall art

It is a super simple project that can be adjusted to your child's tastes. All you need is scissors, mod podge, something with images you like on it (magazine pages,printouts,fabric,napkins etc..) something to mount the image on (I have used clear plates, old picture frames, boxes,table tops..anything) and a paint brush.

First cut down the image to fit whatever you have decided to mount it on

Then apply the mod podge to the top of the mounting piece and the back of your paper and glue it down

Then apply the mod podge to the top of your project to seal it in. It will look white and milky, don't worry it dries clear
Then let it dry and enjoy your handy work. For anyone else who has little ones that love Toy Story I got these images out of a book that was full of decorations for a birthday party. It had napkin holders, cutouts,doorknob hangers (that's what I used for the wall art) place mats etc... It came from Walmarts party supply aisle and cost $8

I have some other little projects I am going to do to fancy up Carter's room. I will share more as I finish!


  1. You are SO creative! Glad somebody in the family has artisic genes!

  2. Have we moved on from Food Network to HGTV? You are AMAZING! 'Design on a Dime' watch out!
    These are so cool! I may need to steal some of your ideas...I have also been watching out for bunk beds. They really aren't too cheap are they? I will keep my eyes peeled though!
    Great ideas!