Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Traits I Appreciate In Carter




Randomness- The boys and I were all sitting at lunch discussing how a little girl Trent knows cries whenever anyone unrelated to her looks at her when all of the sudden Carter chimes in with “Did you know I have never been underwater?” he has also said out of the blue “ When I pee and poop at the same time it’s really hard”, “ Wearing underwear sucks” and “ What does ::insert absolutely any random word here:: mean?”


Persistence – I have developed the ability to tune out background noise when necessary. Sometimes this includes the voices of my children. I know this seems cruel but I assure you it is a defense mechanism and keeps peace in our house. Instead of yelling at the kids to quiet down when they are ramping up the giggling, laughing and screeching, I simply go to my happy quiet place in my mind and the silence helps me concentrate on important tasks like Pinterest  menu planning. Any who, the point to this rambling is sometimes I don’t hear kids (or husbands) who are standing right next to me and Carter is NOT one to give up so this is common in my house : Carter (standing right next to me ) “Can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some..” Me: (zoning back in) “Sure”.

Self Sufficiency – I thought a good way to reinforce numbers would be to use them in everyday activities. So, I let Carter be involved in cooking stuff  in the microwave. I just tell him the right amount of time to set it to and voila! That takes us  to this morning when I get up at 8 a.m. to find him making himself a corn dog in the microwave…. Breakfast of champions! he started exhibiting this self sufficiency trait at about a year old when we caught him scavenging trash-waffles out of the garbage can.

Sense of Humor- Carter loves to laugh. Mostly he likes to laugh at me getting mad about some craziness he has perpetrated but I digress… He has discovered jokes. He likes to learn jokes and then kinda make them his own. Recently he meshed some together and came up with “ Why did the chicken cross the playground?  To get to the other slide!”

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Does Vacation Mean for Mom?



Family vacation……relaxing on the beach, eating delicious food, playing fun games and all the rest. That’s what vacation means to kids and husbands everywhere.

What  about Moms? What does it mean to us? That all depends on a four letter word. PREP. It can make or break your vacation! My kids think of the week before vacation like this : 7 more days till vacation! 6 more days till vacation! 5 more days….you get the picture. This is what MY week before vacation looks like (the highlighted items are the only crucial items but I like to be thorough, at least in my list making,actual execution usually falls short):

1. Make a packing list (this is an ongoing weeklong process)

(the rest is in no particular order)

2. Finish apron

3. Cut sewing projects (I get to sew on this vacation, woo hoo!)

4. Prep emergency kit

5. Clean entire house (I HATE coming home to a dirty house after vacation)

6. Organize stuff going to Goodwill and schedule pickup (we are having a yard sale and have to get rid of the leftovers)

7. Clean out turtle tank

8. Take turtle to Dad’s (he is our turtle sitter while we are gone)

9. Make a meal plan (one for this week and one for vacation week)

10.Make a shopping list (one for stuff we are bringing/need for this week and one for stuff we will need to get there)

11.Make and freeze taquitos

12. Make and freeze muffins

13. Make and freeze cookies (premade food makes vacation more relaxing!)

14. Finish dress ( It looks like Dan and I may have an actual date night while vacationing!)

15.Take back library materials and get new ones for vacation week

16. Do all laundry

17. Find a plant sitter

18. Run to health food store (I know you can’t tell by looking at me but I actually do frequent a health food store, true story)

19. Prep ideas and materials for kids entertainment (i.e sidewalk chalk, outdoors games, beach toys, family games, etc...)

20. Prep car ride entertainment

21. Empty all trash cans before leaving

22. Pack

I wont lie to you…I heart planning and organizing. (Don’t tell my family I like them to think I suffer through all this planning just because I love them) My Mom used to laugh because as much as I loved lists I loved ignoring them even more. I have gotten better about following my lists, really I have!

Any who, it promises to be an amazingly busy week so you may be wondering……what the hell am I doing blogging when I have a list that long to complete? Well, I forgot to mention there is something I like even more than list making….procrastination!

p.s- You are very welcome for that handmade, ridiculously accurate rendering of my family (see above framed masterpiece)

p.s.s- I wasted a spectacular amount of time on that drawing simply so I could demonstrate procrastination at work. Once again, you’re welcome



Friday, August 5, 2011

Exploratory Walk


I was just editing some pictures and came across these. Carter and I decided to go on a walk and see what we could see a little while ago. This is what we found.

Carter found this little any hill.

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 001

We both thought this was pretty cool.

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 002

I think he is pretty cool, too.

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 003

Here are some fuzzy dandelions that Carter liked.

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 005

Carter said this was a “beautiful flower” ha ha.

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 006

Some mushrooms!

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 007

Oh look, Carter also found some ice-cream!

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 010

Thanks for stopping by!

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 009

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes


Oh the mommy blogging world! It can make you laugh, give you inspiration or even make you think. Here is something else it can do, make you feel inferior.

You will see a thin, beautiful woman giving her equally beautiful children, whom she homeschools (they just mastered their 3rd language!), a birthday party where she cooked all the food, made all the decorations and sewed up the goodie bags. The birthday is at her big beautiful house that she decorated with her own art and repurposed garage sale finds.

Is it bad that mommies want people to see all their accomplishments? No, lord knows us mommies don’t get enough recognition for all that we do. It is nice to have a place where you can post these things and people will want to read about it and they will know exactly how much blood , sweat and tears it took AND they will say “wow, awesome. Great job!”

Still, there are times when I am reading blogs, where I just think to myself “Ugh, I suck! My kid only knows 1 language and he is already 4 and can’t read yet!” I get caught up in it all. It is because I want the very best for my kids (It’s also possible I have a nasty competitive streak.) and some days we all fall short. I like to have balance in my life. I don’t think it is healthy to dedicate every moment of your life to the role of “mommy” or “wife” so some things I just can’t do. I think most if not all of the bloggers also fall short of perfection from time to time. For those of us who may be working mothers or have a very tight budget(ours about strangles me some days) or are single parents or have an illness or whatever, these scenes of perfection can leave you feeling less than.

  I mostly think I do pretty well. I have overcome a contentious childhood, horrible marriage, crippling depression, health issues, even poverty at one point, quit  cigarrettes and all alcohol. I have grown by leaps and bounds spiritually, found my soul mate, taught myself to cook and sew and raised some pretty cool kids. Coming from where I started I do ok, but there are times I feel like I don’t do enough in a day or  don’t do it well enough or I can’t afford enough. All this is my ego talking and trying to keep me down and dependant on it. I know this but still I buckle to it at times.

I would like to close this with some pictures of my not so perfect, not so big, not so fancy, not so ours (we rent) and not so clean house. I am not anywhere near perfect and sometimes my house looks like this:

This is Carter’s room or as we like to call it “LegoLand

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 015

View from the kitchen into my completely undecorated living room

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 018

The basement play area/familyroom/sewing room/office/lego graveyard

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 024

The laundry room or as I like to call it “Dan’s area”

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 025

The kitchen disaster (at least I had some dough rising over there. That’s like productive and stuff…)

lady bug buttons and exploratory walk 016