Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leftovers From Projects

A few years ago I had attempted to use chalkboard spray paint on a closet door in my boys' room . This really didn't work and was too messy so I was left with a half can of paint I just tossed into the craft box and forgot about.

The boys periodically will have to do school projects that involve foam/paper board (thicker than poster board) so sometimes I am left with extra of those. Why not combine the 2!

I just took the board out back and put some coats of the chalkboard paint onto it and hung it at Carters height on the wall. I also found a spare container and decoupaged some images on it and hung it next to the chalkboard. I then gathered up some spare pieces of sidewalk chalk, stuck em in the container and done. Now my preschooler can draw on his wall without having to visit naughty spot time-out afterwards :)

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