Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey It's Hercules!

I had introduced the rest of the family so it wouldn't be right not to give a shout out to sweet Hercules. So...this is Hercules! He is the smallest member of our family but he has a BIG personality. He got his name because he is very strong and likes to move everything in his tank around, no matter how big it is! He likes to go crazy and splash like there's no tomorrow when he sees us coming into the room. He also has the nickname "Big Fat Turtle". He got that nickname by consuming 13 rosie feeder fish in just 30 hours! As you can see in the photo, he likes to peek his head out and say "what's up?" every now and again. When I asked him if there was any wise sayings he wanted to impart he just blinked twice and splashed me. I am sure there is profound meaning in that somewhere......


  1. LOL! I prefer my pets mammalian but if I HAD to I could see having a turtle. You make it sound so fun! ;)

  2. Before he joined our family I felt the same way, but after he arrived I just couldn't stop watching him swimming around.He would get so excited when he would even just see me in the doorway to the room,plus his face and turquoise eyes are just so adorable I just can't stand it! I don't know if all turtles are this outgoing but he is certainly a keeper.