Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funny Kids

Because I like to laugh so much I wanted to share some of my kids funniest moments with you.

Trent- When Trent was little (around 4) he mangled some pronunciations that really made me smile! Hamburger was hang-gamur and backyard was back-in-nard.

One day Trent and I were discussing a toy he wanted. I told him I didn't think he would be getting it anytime soon. He said "wait" looked up at the ceiling was listening for something and the proceeded to tell me "God says you should get me that toy now".

Donovan- When he was littler (around ) Donovan had a very strange habit of wiping his mouth on the table at dinner. If he was eating something away from the table he would wipe his face on the floor!

Donovan is known for replying to almost everything with a question, so when Dan said "Donovan you have something on your face." Donovan looked at him confused-like and said "What face?"

Carter- Carter wanted Dan to come play cars with him so he said " Come on" when he was done playing with Dan he told him to "come off"

Carter still has some trouble pronouncing some consonants (especially pronouncing 2 in a row) so calls his Aunt Becky and his Papa Chuck; Aunt Ducky and Papa Duck.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Blues

I have had a long, long struggle with depression. When I was in my teens I had to be hospitalized for awhile from it. It had a good hold on me until after Dan and I settled in together. After spending time some time with him and realizing how safe I was the depression all but disappeared from my life. Although I still had struggles motivating myself to do unpleasant things I felt like this was just part of being human. Lately though, something has changed. I am not sure if it is the sadness I am feeling at trying to accept the fact that Carter will be the last baby I have, my impending birthday or a real honest to goodness resurgence of my past battles. Whatever it is it sucks! I am finding it hard to get out of bed, to do the dishes,to play with the kids, to clean the house or to even focus a thought. I am eating horribly, harassing Dan about having more kids, getting disproportionately mad about my kids "Did you have dinosaurs as pets" jokes and really just trying to hide away from my family when I can. A lot of the time I just feel an empty numbness. It would be nice to have a good therapeutic cry, but I just can't do it ...too numb. I guess the worst part of all is I never thought I would be back here again and my question is when do I get to go home again? I have such a good life and such a wonderful family I have no reason to be blue. I feel so selfish and ungrateful. Why would someone with so much be so whiny and unappreciative? I am hoping that by writing this and sharing it I will be shamed into snapping out of it or at least get some perspective and shorten my trip here in "black hole of darkness sucking away all of your joy, life and breath" land (yea, I know, the name needs work).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heaping Helping of Hilarious

Dan had me cracking up with this little gem...
We like to watch Top Chef and one of the episodes found the cheftestants having to cook a dish and present to ,not only the judges, but their competitors as well. They found out the competitors would get to decide who's dish was the least delicious and would be up for elimination. So, Dan says "I'd just make something they were allergic to and couldn't taste so they couldn't judge me. Instead of that beef carpaccio I'd make them some delicious bees carpaccio".
Now traditional carpaccio is very thinly sliced beef so what I am wondering is do they make a knife that allows you to thinly slice bees? :)

UPDATE: I asked Dan what kind of knife would allow you to thinly slice bees and he replied "Exacto? but I would probably go paillard and pound them with a mallet. That would make them pretty thin" Gosh, I just love that he has learned all these cooking terms....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Decoupage Fun!

If you can't tell I like decoupage. It is a great way to spice something up. Take something unexciting like clear plastic containers and turn them into fun Toy Story storage!

I took a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to fit my container and glued some images (the ones I got from that walmart party book I used in an earlier post) to it. then I decoupaged it into the inside of the container making sure to press evenly and not leave air or glue bubbles. I let it dry completely and then filled it with all of the odds and ends kids collect.

Leftovers From Projects

A few years ago I had attempted to use chalkboard spray paint on a closet door in my boys' room . This really didn't work and was too messy so I was left with a half can of paint I just tossed into the craft box and forgot about.

The boys periodically will have to do school projects that involve foam/paper board (thicker than poster board) so sometimes I am left with extra of those. Why not combine the 2!

I just took the board out back and put some coats of the chalkboard paint onto it and hung it at Carters height on the wall. I also found a spare container and decoupaged some images on it and hung it next to the chalkboard. I then gathered up some spare pieces of sidewalk chalk, stuck em in the container and done. Now my preschooler can draw on his wall without having to visit naughty spot time-out afterwards :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey It's Hercules!

I had introduced the rest of the family so it wouldn't be right not to give a shout out to sweet Hercules. So...this is Hercules! He is the smallest member of our family but he has a BIG personality. He got his name because he is very strong and likes to move everything in his tank around, no matter how big it is! He likes to go crazy and splash like there's no tomorrow when he sees us coming into the room. He also has the nickname "Big Fat Turtle". He got that nickname by consuming 13 rosie feeder fish in just 30 hours! As you can see in the photo, he likes to peek his head out and say "what's up?" every now and again. When I asked him if there was any wise sayings he wanted to impart he just blinked twice and splashed me. I am sure there is profound meaning in that somewhere......

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Funny Things Kids Do and Say

Recently we have been saving up money to get the older boys some bunk beds. While researching the beds I was joined by my 3 year old who took a real interest in these "tall" beds.
He has been harassing me on a daily basis about them. He tells me multiple times everyday " I like that black tall bed, I love it" To which I say "I know, that's a nice one" Well, yesterday I was trying to get through my emails when he started on about his love of bunk beds to which I said "You are just gonna have to wait. We don't have the money yet" Very out of character- like he just let it go and hopped away. A few minutes later he brings me this

He says "Here, get bunk beds" To which I reply "Bug, this is only a few dollars." and he counters with "Get bunk beds at the dollar store" and my response is "I would not want to sleep on bunk beds you could buy for a dollar, seems unsafe"..... Gotta love how kids think :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Room Redo on a Budget

Even though my 3 year old isn't big on T.V or movies he does love all things Toy Story, so when it came time for him to move to a new room I wanted to decorate it with something he would be excited about ....Toy Story! We are on a tight budget so I had to get creative. My first project was turning this old nursery decoration...

In to this cool Toy Story wall art

It is a super simple project that can be adjusted to your child's tastes. All you need is scissors, mod podge, something with images you like on it (magazine pages,printouts,fabric,napkins etc..) something to mount the image on (I have used clear plates, old picture frames, boxes,table tops..anything) and a paint brush.

First cut down the image to fit whatever you have decided to mount it on

Then apply the mod podge to the top of the mounting piece and the back of your paper and glue it down

Then apply the mod podge to the top of your project to seal it in. It will look white and milky, don't worry it dries clear
Then let it dry and enjoy your handy work. For anyone else who has little ones that love Toy Story I got these images out of a book that was full of decorations for a birthday party. It had napkin holders, cutouts,doorknob hangers (that's what I used for the wall art) place mats etc... It came from Walmarts party supply aisle and cost $8

I have some other little projects I am going to do to fancy up Carter's room. I will share more as I finish!