Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Budding Photographer

Carter asked me if he could take pictures of me. Even though I hate getting my picture taken I figured it was good that he was showing interested in photography and I should suck it up and let him take the pictures. Turns out I had nothing to worry about! I present to you Carter's Pictures of me.
Scroll down!

Musta been blind after so many flashes to the face, lol!

A Boy and His Dog

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Couponing Success

I have been reconnecting with coupons lately! I got super organized this week and headed out on Sunday and Monday to snap up some deals. I did a grocery shop where I stacked coupons with sales and ended up shaving 50 bucks off our grocery trip! I also got some early Christmas shopping done when I got a bargain on Tag Books (the tag system is a electronic pen that works with the tag books to play stories, interact with the pages and play games). The Tag books retail for 13.99 and Toys 'r' us had them on sale for buy 2 get one free, plus I had a coupon for "spend 25 dollars get 5 dollars off, also I had 5 'r us bucks and 3 manufacturer coupons from Tag that took $4 off each book so it was $5.98 plus tax total for 3 books that I put away for Christmas! Other freebies/under .25 cents deals I scored were 2 things of butter, 2 things of eye shadow, eyeliner, laundry detergent, lip balm, and toothpaste. I also passed up a "get 3 free packs of huggies"money maker deal (a money maker deal is where you actually end up MAKING money on your purchase) up cause I thought it would throw me back into baby mode again :) So I am very happy about all my savings lately and just thought I'd share!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The First Day of School

It is time for a new school year. I don't get as excited about this as some Moms I know but I do appreciate the "new start/clean slate" feel it brings. I also love the routine that comes along with a new school year. My boys are always scattered to the winds during the summer. They spend a couple of days at Papa's house, a few with their uncle, a few with the other Papa, squeeze in some days with their Dad and a wee bit of time with Aunts. I next to never see them both at the same time and the bedtime/shower/chores routines are out the window! During the school year, though, they are at home for 2 weeks, then a weekend at Dad's: rinse and repeat. We have normalcy, togetherness and schedules.

The boys also seemed to be ready to go back to school. Donovan said he had a good first day, liked his teacher and even had a kid from our block in his class. Trent was ready to go back and teased me that he was already working his teachers nerves...when I told him he better be working to make them love him he replied "How can they not love me when there's all this "(jazz fingers next to the face). To which I responded (as always) with "I see......". :)

Carter and I even got into the school spirit and packed him a lunch, put it into his backpack with some school supplies and played school. We set up a desk in his room by the chalkboard . I taught him some letter sounds and numbers. Then we ate the lunch together and cleaned up!

So here's to a new school year! May it be full of learning or at least good behavior :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Best of Best Friends

So I needed to vent about the current state of affairs around here so I called my friend Jamie. I vented about all those things that you just can't talk about to anyone else except your best friend. One of the things I vented about was the price of food lately, especially fresh produce and organics. I was sad that I had to buy ramen and other processed crap this time cause it was so much cheaper. So I vent , we hang up and I continue my day. Sometime later comes a knock at my door and in comes Jamie and her family with loads of fresh groceries she had bought us. That in and of itself is pretty nice but there are 3 additional things you should know about Jamie.

1. She hates grocery shopping. It is pure torture to her to have to go into a grocery store and shop. After she had her baby I came to help and the only thing she really wanted was someone to do her grocery shopping cause she hates it that much.

2. She has 5 -count em 5 kids all under 13 (for a few more days) the 2 youngest being 4 and 10 months.

3.She lives almost an hour away from me.

So basically she packed her 5 kids into a car to drive an hour away (and eventually an hour back) to go into her nemesis (the grocery store) and buy someone else groceries and bring them over! To top it all off she also pulled out a "Food Network" magazine just for me..... It is more than one girl can handle. Too much. The more I think about it the more I want to cry. I just wanted everyone out there to know what great girl and friend she is. Thanks to my BFF, I will never forget this kindness. Just don't do it again :) I can't take it! Seriously!
Love You Jamie!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Power of a Yard Sale

I have never had many friends. There isn't anything particularly wrong with me I just don't put myself out there. To be quite honest, I am a bit socially awkward. If I am around someone rough and confrontational , I am just lost. If I am around someone super quiet I talk too much to drowned out the awkward silence. I am awful at small talk or pretending. I find it hard to talk about things that don't matter, it feels so fake and, like in some way, I am a liar. Plus, because I am not very social, when I do spend time with people I don't know very well I spend a lot of time analyzing. "When I said this did it offend them? Why did I share so much? Did I monopolize the conversation? Did I talk enough?" As you can imagine this gets exhausting! I also spend a lot of time not knowing what to say. Most people are looking for validation and say things like "you know what I mean?" or "don't you agree?" Call me weird but I find it excruciatingly difficult to just nod or say sure (if I indeed do not agree with them). I also hate confrontation so I won't just be like "heck no, that's totally wrong". I just can't seem to put on my social facade and make it through the evening.
Why do I bring this up? Well, because recently I found myself in a social situation and, shockingly, I was not the least bit uncomfortable. It all came about from a burning desire to get rid of all my junk. My friend Jamie and 3 of her other friends were having a garage sale and offered to let me join. Now Jamie I have known my whole life and one of the other ladies I had met a handful of times, briefly, and hadn't seen in 4 years probably but the other 2 I had never even laid eyes on. Kind of a nightmare scenario for me. I imagined me being there ,off to the side, all creepy and silent for 2 whole days. Had it not been for my overwhelming desire to purge my house of unwanted crap I probably would have declined. Boy am I glad I didn't! I had a really great time and we even got together again this week for scrapbooking. I didn't analyze a thing. I felt no pressure to small talk. I wasn't even uncomfortable at all . It was really a riot .The fact that they could make scrapbooking fun and hilarious is a testament to how easy I found it to be around them! So I am thankful that I gathered so much junk it force me to put myself out there!