Saturday, August 21, 2010

Heaping Helping of Hilarious

Dan had me cracking up with this little gem...
We like to watch Top Chef and one of the episodes found the cheftestants having to cook a dish and present to ,not only the judges, but their competitors as well. They found out the competitors would get to decide who's dish was the least delicious and would be up for elimination. So, Dan says "I'd just make something they were allergic to and couldn't taste so they couldn't judge me. Instead of that beef carpaccio I'd make them some delicious bees carpaccio".
Now traditional carpaccio is very thinly sliced beef so what I am wondering is do they make a knife that allows you to thinly slice bees? :)

UPDATE: I asked Dan what kind of knife would allow you to thinly slice bees and he replied "Exacto? but I would probably go paillard and pound them with a mallet. That would make them pretty thin" Gosh, I just love that he has learned all these cooking terms....

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