Thursday, May 26, 2011



Every once in awhile I like to give Spirit/ Universe/God <insert name you like to use here> a shout out for all the blessings I have.

Today, I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to stay at home and raise my children. This is a big one for me. With my first child (Trent) I had to work full time plus until he was about 3. He got passed around to daycare and family members and even when I finally was at home with him and Donovan  I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I was used to set schedules, adult interaction, having periods of me time (like in the bathroom, driving to and from work, lunch).Also, so much more was expected of me. Cook, clean, entertain, teach, do the shopping, all the midnight feedings. I didn’t have a supportive partner at this time. I think he believed, like a lot of people believe, that the person who stays home should have to do absolutely everything. I don’t know if it is true or not but I have always believed being bounced around had an effect on Trent. He has always been so needy and has some  issues with just being himself in the company of others. We constantly butt heads! So, for me, I think being the one there to raise my kids is such a blessing! I know we sacrifice a lot (being only a one income family) but it is sooo worth it! For me, it’s been a lot more work than going to work but my schedule is my own (awesome) and for someone who hates being told what to do this is quite a perk! People debate all the time about which is “harder” being a stay at home mom or a working mom? I say this can’t be quantified. It is all what you put into it. Some moms put their all into their family AND themselves and some moms just put their all into just themselves and some put their all into just their family. I believe the moms that put their all into both areas make the best moms. I do think that being an involved mom or dad is super important but I also think it is important for your child to see there is more to you than just “duty” and taking care of others needs. Parenting is important but we are each here for our own journey, we can’t live through another person, not even our children.

So thank-you for letting me have the job of Mom and spend my days looking at these faces:


garden etc 055

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Conversations With Carter

I thought I would share some of Carter's musings.


The Cookie Thief:

Scene: Early morning, I'm just rolling outta bed. I walk in the kitchen and catch Carter red-handed with one of the cookies I baked the previous night. I tell him he can't eat cookies for breakfast so he asks for juice. I give him a cup of juice, he drinks it right away and about 10 minutes later I hear him asking Dan for more juice. I walk in the room where they are and say  "He needs food, all he has eaten so far today is juice and a cookie" Carter says "No, I had a BUNCH of cookies, ahahahaha". I guess I had caught him after he had already packed away a "bunch" of cookies... He so enjoys misbehaving.

Always Read the Ingredients First:

Dan and Carter are playing with a zooble (a multicolored ball that pops open into some type of animal) Carter hands Dan the ball zooble and says "Here's your ice-cream " Dan says "Mmmmm, what flavor is it?" Carter replies " It's pet flavored ice-cream......with a face!"

(should I be worried? Or maybe , note to self, never have dinner at Carter's without asking what your eating first)

Brotherly Love:

Carter and Trent were playing. Trent did something (I can’t remember what) and Carter starts crying. I ask Carter what’s wrong and he tells me it’s Trent . Then he says “Why is Trent so obnoxious?” If I only knew buddy….if I only knew…


Where Have All the Gentleman Gone? or My Utter Lack of Privacy:

I get out of the shower and go to my room to change. Carter busts open my bedroom door looks at my unclothed chest and says “Are those your boobs?” to which I reply with a sigh and push him out the door as he is still repeatedly saying “are those your booooobs? ahahaha” (no I didn’t misspell boobs, he was accentuating the word and drawing it out) I lock the door behind him and he spends the rest of the time I am dressing standing at the door yelling “ Put your boobs away, ahahahah  Put your boobs away, ahahaha”


Did Someone Have “The Talk” With Carter Behind My Back?

Dan comes home from work and we are talking about his day when  out of the blue Carter says “Dan”(he calls him Dan instead of Daddy when it’s serious or just to annoy Dan) he says  “Dan, can you put a baby girl in Mommy’s belly please?”

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

My spectacular husband is almost perfect and has only a few tiny flaws. One of these tiny flaws is he sucks at remembering holidays. On Mother’s Day that leaves me with 2 choices. Choice one - sulk and lay on major guilt trips when Mother’s Day comes and I get not so much as a “Happy Mother’s Day” from him cause he completely forgot it. Quick story-once on Mother’s Day he said “what am I supposed to do for you, you’re not MY mother”. That didn’t go so well for him. He learned a valuable lesson that day that he will no doubt pass on down to our boys. That brings me to Choice 2- tell him I know he probably completely forgot that it’s Mother’s Day so here is what I would like. I am happy to report that I have matured enough to always use choice 2. For this Mother’s Day I requested a few hours peace and quiet and to not have to do a single dish all weekend (our dishwasher is dead and I like to cook a lot so this is a big deal)! On top of NO dishes, Dan cooked with me all Sunday. I know I am so lame but it was seriously so much fun and so special to me. Today was also Carter’s birthday so first we made Carter a chocolate chip cookie cake and some frosting to go on it. Then we made baked spaghetti and garlic breadsticks from scratch. It was totally awesome! If I would have got some flowers I wouldn’t have remembered them next year, but this I will remember forever.

My sweet Donovan also surprised me with a homemade card(he said he put the handle on it special for me and when the other kids in class saw it they all started making handles, I’m so proud!)

misc 023

misc 024

It was a lovely Mother’s Day and I am so blessed to have such a loving husband and such great kids. I really hope all the other fantastic Mom's I know got treated as well as I did today because we all deserve to feel special.

Carter’s 4! Wait! Say what , now?!

It’s true, my baby is already 4 years old! Oh, how I love him! He is quirky and sweet, hilarious and ALL boy.

For his birthday we got him this Jabba the Hutt play set. It came with Jabba, his platform, accessories and 8 Star Wars guys. We found it second hand on Ebay and Carter loved it. He hasn’t stopped playing with it since he opened it this morning.

misc 013

misc 015

Dan and I made Carter a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.This is seriously ingenious! It’s truly a cake that tastes like a chocolate chip cookie. We also had to top it with, you guessed it, a Star Wars edible topper. I bet you all were shocked that it was a Star Wars cake.

misc 018

And for my little guys special day, we removed all time limits on Star Wars movie watching and Lego Star Wars video game playing! Go wild my little Star Wars addict!

Happy Birthday sweet Bug-a-lug, never has any little bug been loved more!

P.S.- I had a video of Carter opening his present that I couldn’t get to upload, here is a link Carter's B-day Present

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Yard Overhaul

I am way too tired to give a whole walkthrough of my yard redo today so, I will give it to ya in pictures! Here is a before and after of my backyard and container garden

First, The before:

garden etc 035

garden etc 032garden etc 040garden etc 032garden etc 033garden etc 034garden etc 035garden etc 036garden etc 037garden etc 038garden etc 039garden etc 040And now the after:

My Dad and I totally made these yellow tables from scratch!

garden etc 041

The yummy herbs! Oh, the Rosemary, how I love thee.

garden etc 042

Mmmm, Strawberries

garden etc 043garden etc 044

The lounging/fire pit area

garden etc 045garden etc 046garden etc 047


garden etc 048garden etc 049Prettiful flowersgarden etc 050

The food! Toms, beans,peas, onions and peppers

garden etc 051garden etc 052

It may look like a crayola box threw-up, but we like it!

garden etc 053garden etc 054The dudesgarden etc 055