Sunday, May 8, 2011

Carter’s 4! Wait! Say what , now?!

It’s true, my baby is already 4 years old! Oh, how I love him! He is quirky and sweet, hilarious and ALL boy.

For his birthday we got him this Jabba the Hutt play set. It came with Jabba, his platform, accessories and 8 Star Wars guys. We found it second hand on Ebay and Carter loved it. He hasn’t stopped playing with it since he opened it this morning.

misc 013

misc 015

Dan and I made Carter a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.This is seriously ingenious! It’s truly a cake that tastes like a chocolate chip cookie. We also had to top it with, you guessed it, a Star Wars edible topper. I bet you all were shocked that it was a Star Wars cake.

misc 018

And for my little guys special day, we removed all time limits on Star Wars movie watching and Lego Star Wars video game playing! Go wild my little Star Wars addict!

Happy Birthday sweet Bug-a-lug, never has any little bug been loved more!

P.S.- I had a video of Carter opening his present that I couldn’t get to upload, here is a link Carter's B-day Present


  1. Ho Ho Ho! (I will always think of Jabba the hut whenever I see Santa now - thanks for that!)

    And thanks for sharing the stories, pic and *video*!

  2. what a great birthday blog happy birthday little guy