Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Yard Overhaul

I am way too tired to give a whole walkthrough of my yard redo today so, I will give it to ya in pictures! Here is a before and after of my backyard and container garden

First, The before:

garden etc 035

garden etc 032garden etc 040garden etc 032garden etc 033garden etc 034garden etc 035garden etc 036garden etc 037garden etc 038garden etc 039garden etc 040And now the after:

My Dad and I totally made these yellow tables from scratch!

garden etc 041

The yummy herbs! Oh, the Rosemary, how I love thee.

garden etc 042

Mmmm, Strawberries

garden etc 043garden etc 044

The lounging/fire pit area

garden etc 045garden etc 046garden etc 047


garden etc 048garden etc 049Prettiful flowersgarden etc 050

The food! Toms, beans,peas, onions and peppers

garden etc 051garden etc 052

It may look like a crayola box threw-up, but we like it!

garden etc 053garden etc 054The dudesgarden etc 055

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