Saturday, May 21, 2011

Conversations With Carter

I thought I would share some of Carter's musings.


The Cookie Thief:

Scene: Early morning, I'm just rolling outta bed. I walk in the kitchen and catch Carter red-handed with one of the cookies I baked the previous night. I tell him he can't eat cookies for breakfast so he asks for juice. I give him a cup of juice, he drinks it right away and about 10 minutes later I hear him asking Dan for more juice. I walk in the room where they are and say  "He needs food, all he has eaten so far today is juice and a cookie" Carter says "No, I had a BUNCH of cookies, ahahahaha". I guess I had caught him after he had already packed away a "bunch" of cookies... He so enjoys misbehaving.

Always Read the Ingredients First:

Dan and Carter are playing with a zooble (a multicolored ball that pops open into some type of animal) Carter hands Dan the ball zooble and says "Here's your ice-cream " Dan says "Mmmmm, what flavor is it?" Carter replies " It's pet flavored ice-cream......with a face!"

(should I be worried? Or maybe , note to self, never have dinner at Carter's without asking what your eating first)

Brotherly Love:

Carter and Trent were playing. Trent did something (I can’t remember what) and Carter starts crying. I ask Carter what’s wrong and he tells me it’s Trent . Then he says “Why is Trent so obnoxious?” If I only knew buddy….if I only knew…


Where Have All the Gentleman Gone? or My Utter Lack of Privacy:

I get out of the shower and go to my room to change. Carter busts open my bedroom door looks at my unclothed chest and says “Are those your boobs?” to which I reply with a sigh and push him out the door as he is still repeatedly saying “are those your booooobs? ahahaha” (no I didn’t misspell boobs, he was accentuating the word and drawing it out) I lock the door behind him and he spends the rest of the time I am dressing standing at the door yelling “ Put your boobs away, ahahahah  Put your boobs away, ahahaha”


Did Someone Have “The Talk” With Carter Behind My Back?

Dan comes home from work and we are talking about his day when  out of the blue Carter says “Dan”(he calls him Dan instead of Daddy when it’s serious or just to annoy Dan) he says  “Dan, can you put a baby girl in Mommy’s belly please?”

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  1. Your family makes my day a better place! LOL!