Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

My spectacular husband is almost perfect and has only a few tiny flaws. One of these tiny flaws is he sucks at remembering holidays. On Mother’s Day that leaves me with 2 choices. Choice one - sulk and lay on major guilt trips when Mother’s Day comes and I get not so much as a “Happy Mother’s Day” from him cause he completely forgot it. Quick story-once on Mother’s Day he said “what am I supposed to do for you, you’re not MY mother”. That didn’t go so well for him. He learned a valuable lesson that day that he will no doubt pass on down to our boys. That brings me to Choice 2- tell him I know he probably completely forgot that it’s Mother’s Day so here is what I would like. I am happy to report that I have matured enough to always use choice 2. For this Mother’s Day I requested a few hours peace and quiet and to not have to do a single dish all weekend (our dishwasher is dead and I like to cook a lot so this is a big deal)! On top of NO dishes, Dan cooked with me all Sunday. I know I am so lame but it was seriously so much fun and so special to me. Today was also Carter’s birthday so first we made Carter a chocolate chip cookie cake and some frosting to go on it. Then we made baked spaghetti and garlic breadsticks from scratch. It was totally awesome! If I would have got some flowers I wouldn’t have remembered them next year, but this I will remember forever.

My sweet Donovan also surprised me with a homemade card(he said he put the handle on it special for me and when the other kids in class saw it they all started making handles, I’m so proud!)

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It was a lovely Mother’s Day and I am so blessed to have such a loving husband and such great kids. I really hope all the other fantastic Mom's I know got treated as well as I did today because we all deserve to feel special.

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