Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wow has it been that long.....

Summer time brings so much to do! BBQ's , walks, bike rides, zoo trips, gardening.... So much fun, fun, fun!

So everyone made it out of school alive and mostly unscathed (Trent has summer school). We haven't picked up any summer sports so we have a nice flexible schedule. Trent has been spending a lot of time with his papa Dave who accurately described Trent as tons of fun and expensive :) Trent is all kinds of crazy over fingerboarding...which is skateboarding on tiny skateboards with your fingers. He talked everyone into early birthday gifts and put together a whole little mini skate park. His fingers sure are getting a work out. Trent has been swimming (I will have to post a picture of this kid's ridiculous tan) skateboarding and bike riding his heart out

Donovan went to spend a week with his Dad who had a health scare and ended up in the hospital for a week or so. His Dad said he was super helpful while he was visiting and sweet as always. For the most part Donovan has been spending most of his summer days with his friend Stephen (at one point I asked if he was just gonna move into their house) and had his first official sleepover. They spend a lot of time at Stephen's to bypass my allotted video game time rule :) Also, his papa Dave got him a bike and we like riding up to the library, store or their favorite Toys' R' Us.

And Carter...what a character.He loves going to the zoo, playing trains, all things Toy Story (the only thing I have ever seen him watch on the t.v). He plays make believe with little figures giving them their own little stories. He absolutely loves bikes, skateboards and will talk your ear off about blue scoots (scooters). He has his own little 2 wheeler with training wheels on it, although he has to ride on the back of Daddy's bike when we go for bike rides. He likes to bake with me and knows the names of almost all the kitchen tools and wares including all of the mixer attachments. He will go and get the dough hook if I say we are making little bug!

I will post more summer fun pics when I get them into the puter. Hope everyone out there is well and having as much fun as we are!


  1. Me again! (Hope you can figure out my secret identity!.) Can't wait to see you guys the weekend of September 18th. So don't forget to come visit then! *g*

    Are you going camping this summer? I may be in the northern Indiana area in mid-August and may inquire as to your availability at that time...!

  2. We are planning on coming in Sept. if Dan's work and our finances are cooperative. We are thinking we might be taking another year off camping cause we don't think Carter would actually go to sleep outside yet. I think the easy access to the out of doors would just be too tempting and exciting to him!