Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Food, Why Do You Have To Be So Tasty?

I have a serious's food. Not just eating food(although I do like that), but thinking about it, experimenting with it, looking at it. I wasn't always this happy about food . In fact it used to downright depress me. When I was in high school I weighed 100 pounds and worried about every single thing I put in my mouth. I can remember exercising off every snack I ate and laying in bed thinking there could be nothing worse than being overweight (boy, did life show me a thing or two). At some point I became less shallow and more busy and stressed. I had some kids, put on two boatloads of weight and started beating myself up about gaining weight. On top of that I had to deal with coming up with food to feed everyone every day. I would seriously have bags of frozen and canned gunk that I would plop in a microwave and serve to my poor unsuspecting victims. Ugh, I would be so sick of the same crappy processed food every day. I was not excited about the stress of dinner time and we ate a lot of fast food. My kids needed a chance to be healthy and not have the same love/hate relationship with food that I had. Things needed to change.
I have always been a creative type person and I have always loved eating and one day the Food Network and my boredom made it click.... you could be creative with food.....
BRILLIANT! I started out slow. Just following the recipes that were marked easy. Some of them were good but just needed a slight alteration to my own tastes. Soon changing a few things became standard and next thing I know I would have unique recipes popping into my head . Now I cook and create all the time. My DVR is stuffed with cooking shows and with our shift to organics, regional produce and a drastic cut to meat products in our home we are getting healthier too.....well, maybe healthier is a bit drastic. I still can't curb my baking habit :)


  1. Good for you! we have been slowly switching over to organic and local as well--we joined a CSA this summer and I need some of your creativity to make sure I use all this awesome produce I have now! Even with the baking, I definitely think it is way healthier than all that processed junk! plus, you still gotta live ya know?

  2. Megan look at the Blog Sister's Cafe! It is my friend Erin and her sisters cooking blog and the recipes are FABULOUS! They use whole foods to make the foods we love and they are a good starting point for creating your own brilliant dishes!
    I am Jamie, Colleen's friend, by the way. My husband (mostly) and I also play WoW with Max :)

  3. Yes, is a wonderful blog. Also if you don't already use it the Food Networks website is great for specific items (like some of those leftover fruits and veggies). You just type in your specific food a ton of recipes pop up for it. It is awesome about the CSA your Staci and indirectly the baby on the way must be swimming in fruit and veggie goodness.

  4. thanks for the tips! on a somewhat related note, a food blog I follow for comfort food (mostly not healthy but VERY YUMMY) is OMG. chipotle chocolate chili is TO DIE FOR! ;)