Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The First Day of School

It is time for a new school year. I don't get as excited about this as some Moms I know but I do appreciate the "new start/clean slate" feel it brings. I also love the routine that comes along with a new school year. My boys are always scattered to the winds during the summer. They spend a couple of days at Papa's house, a few with their uncle, a few with the other Papa, squeeze in some days with their Dad and a wee bit of time with Aunts. I next to never see them both at the same time and the bedtime/shower/chores routines are out the window! During the school year, though, they are at home for 2 weeks, then a weekend at Dad's: rinse and repeat. We have normalcy, togetherness and schedules.

The boys also seemed to be ready to go back to school. Donovan said he had a good first day, liked his teacher and even had a kid from our block in his class. Trent was ready to go back and teased me that he was already working his teachers nerves...when I told him he better be working to make them love him he replied "How can they not love me when there's all this "(jazz fingers next to the face). To which I responded (as always) with "I see......". :)

Carter and I even got into the school spirit and packed him a lunch, put it into his backpack with some school supplies and played school. We set up a desk in his room by the chalkboard . I taught him some letter sounds and numbers. Then we ate the lunch together and cleaned up!

So here's to a new school year! May it be full of learning or at least good behavior :)

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  1. Yay! Fingers crossed that everyone has a great year!