Monday, April 11, 2011

A Quick Chuckle

There is this bit player in one of the Star Wars movies. He is a guy in Mos Eisley Cantina where Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan go to find a pilot. Well, this guy kinda gets all up in Luke's face and Obi Wan has to show him what's what. Carter, for some strange reason, likes to use this guy when he plays legos. Obviously, if he is going to be used a lot he needs a name and Carter has obliged. He has decided his name is "Bieber fever". You can hear Carter in his room introducing Greedo to Bieber Fever or sometimes he will tell us some things Bieber Fever has been up to. Nothing is better than forgetting about this dude and then having Carter run up to you with something like "Bieber Fever is a good guy now". P.S- To my knowledge, Carter has no idea who Justin Bieber is so that just adds another dimension to the mysterious choice of names.

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