Monday, April 18, 2011


Because of all the questions my last post about diapers and burp cloths brought up I felt I should clarify that I am NOT pregnant. I am just crazy and harbor deep wishes of adding a little more estrogen into this testosterone filled up place. So, I make little pink girly things and tell myself that I know 4 people with babies just arrived or babies on the way that I can dump some of it off on . I also tell myself that I can maybe sell stuff and make a little money (big ambitions for someone that has been sewing for all of a month or so). Truth is I just love making them and I would love to have just one more little one (icing on cake = girl) but I am not pregnant now and we aren't "trying" but , if your listening God, if it did happen I would look a little less crazy! I'm just saying.....

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