Tuesday, March 29, 2011


( The above picture is of my BF's son "The Finnster". He just looks really happy and grateful, like he is saying "Come here world, let me give ya some sugar". It fit. I dunno who that lady and other kid are but they are probably very nice and grateful too. )

Heya! I have many blog posts started but they need things like pictures, endings or courage from me to be ready to post. I thought instead of one of those I am just going to send out some gratitude! I have many things to be grateful for so this will be easy:

1. My awesome Dan! He has been working his tail off at work and still comes home and gives us loads of love and attention (and he does laundry, sexy huh?).

2. Carter! He is an endless supply of energy, smiles and belly laughs. He is my daily partner in crime and says things to me like " Love you, Princess", "You're cute" and " You bought pork butt? hahahaha"

3. My best friend Jamie! She is also an endless supply of belly laughs! Plus, she is generous AND she supports all my ridiculousness like only a best friend can..." Of course you can be a juggling astronaut baker who goes on to win Top Chef. We should see if we can find juggling classes to do together" (she didn't really say that, but she would if I wanted to be a juggling astronaut baker that won Top Chef) (P.S- It would be really cool to win Top Chef and when I was younger I briefly wanted to be an astronaut...I bet people would be impressed if I could juggle, hmmmm....)

4. Donovan! He is an awesome kid and has this quirky thing where he is a wise old soul one minute and then a complete ditzo the next. He says things like "Indeed" and "Huzzah!" and "What face?" <------------ he says that one when you tell him he has something on his face. I heart him!

5. Trent! He teaches me all kinds of things, like patience, cleaning up after others and that I have anger management issues...all joking aside Trent has made big improvements in his school work and is very generous and great with his little brothers. Plus, he will be doing track and a basketball clinic that we will get to go watch!

6. Taxes! We didn't owe any this year so we didn't need to ignore the fact that we owed taxes! We even got caught up on the ones we had been ignoring from previous years, woohoo!

7. Sewing! I tried out sewing and discovered I absolutely adore it! I will be finishing up and sharing a sewing post and pictures soon !

8. Family! We will be visiting some (including a sweet new baby) over Easter break and I can't wait! I miss them bunches and we don't get to see them nearly enough...

9. YouTube! I learned how to make many many many things through YouTube videos! I learned how to layer my own hair, entertain Carter, make an apron, thread a sewing machine, etc... Hurray for YouTube!

4. !'s. I used 24 of them in this post!

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  1. You are so inspiring Colleen. Thanks for this opportunity to count my blessing too. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful example for a friend! :)