Monday, April 8, 2013

Reviving the Blog


The blog is being revived! Wait, but nobody reads the blog…Yeah, I know. So why revive something nobody will see?

  Well, I was poking around on Facebook and came across the blog link. I started reading the posts and realized how completely different my life is now. I mean I have a whole other child! It got me thinking how rereading it was bringing back so many memories, how there were so many things on here that I am glad I have recorded. I decided that I wanted this stuff for my kids. How awesome would it be for you kids to have all these reminders of little lessons I thought were important for you to learn, the fun things we did, how much you were loved, how hard Mom and Dad worked for you, how much you accomplished, how lucky you are to have such funny parents (you probably think we are lame, but I assure you we are hi-larious).

  I have decided to write this blog to you, my sweet children. Kind of “How I Met Your Mother” (By the time you are likely to read this, this show will no longer be on and you probably have no idea what these references are) style, except I won’t be meeting your mother, and there will be less dating and bars…but I will narrate it to you and I’ll try to throw in the word “legendary” here and there.

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