Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Traits I Appreciate In Carter




Randomness- The boys and I were all sitting at lunch discussing how a little girl Trent knows cries whenever anyone unrelated to her looks at her when all of the sudden Carter chimes in with “Did you know I have never been underwater?” he has also said out of the blue “ When I pee and poop at the same time it’s really hard”, “ Wearing underwear sucks” and “ What does ::insert absolutely any random word here:: mean?”


Persistence – I have developed the ability to tune out background noise when necessary. Sometimes this includes the voices of my children. I know this seems cruel but I assure you it is a defense mechanism and keeps peace in our house. Instead of yelling at the kids to quiet down when they are ramping up the giggling, laughing and screeching, I simply go to my happy quiet place in my mind and the silence helps me concentrate on important tasks like Pinterest  menu planning. Any who, the point to this rambling is sometimes I don’t hear kids (or husbands) who are standing right next to me and Carter is NOT one to give up so this is common in my house : Carter (standing right next to me ) “Can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some juice can I have some..” Me: (zoning back in) “Sure”.

Self Sufficiency – I thought a good way to reinforce numbers would be to use them in everyday activities. So, I let Carter be involved in cooking stuff  in the microwave. I just tell him the right amount of time to set it to and voila! That takes us  to this morning when I get up at 8 a.m. to find him making himself a corn dog in the microwave…. Breakfast of champions! he started exhibiting this self sufficiency trait at about a year old when we caught him scavenging trash-waffles out of the garbage can.

Sense of Humor- Carter loves to laugh. Mostly he likes to laugh at me getting mad about some craziness he has perpetrated but I digress… He has discovered jokes. He likes to learn jokes and then kinda make them his own. Recently he meshed some together and came up with “ Why did the chicken cross the playground?  To get to the other slide!”

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