Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all Daddy's everywhere! I usually write about my kick-ass husband when I write about Dads, but there is a man who came before Dan ( for the record Dan still kicks much booty). A man who taught me what a real man is and how he should treat his wife and children. Yep, you guessed it, my Dad.
My Dad's name is Dave. My Dad always treated my Mom with respect and understood that if your wife is happy everyone is happy! He never judged what we did (to our faces) no matter how idiotic it was.
My Dad is goofy. Really goofy. He uses "pull my finger" all the time. He cuts eye holes outta his box from his beer and walks around wearing it( I actually made a whole scrapbook page of him wearing random crap on his head like a hat). He eats ants that are alive , just to gross you out. He once put a nipple on an empty beer bottle and took a picture of it.....with my baby. He would sneak Barbie stickers onto the back of my brother's football helmet. He made up weird nicknames for me and my brother when we were little. We were Beebols and Doodala.
My Dad is also very ,very generous. He opens his home to people. Gives them tools, computers, cars, repairs, food and any number of other things. He will also sit and listen to you talk forever. He might not remember all of it or pay attention too close, but you can talk at him for as long as you need.
In short I am very lucky to have him for my Dad. Love you Dad!

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