Monday, February 28, 2011

What Is It About Star Wars?

Star Wars holds so many good memories for so many people. I remember LOVING when my friend's Mom would let us come in and play with her Star Wars stuff. She had absolutely everything including the AT-AT Walker, Millennium Falcon, ewoks,C-3po andR2-D2! My husband has a childhood story where Dan and his brother covered their kitchen floor in granulated sugar to replicate the ice planet Hoth.
My parents loved Star Wars, I love it and now my kids love it. Let me revise that, Carter doesn't just love it he is obsessed! This is our recent day : He wakes up in the morning (in his Star Wars shirt) and plays Lego Star Wars on the Wii. Then we go to the Library where he picks out his Star Wars books. During our errand running Carter quizzes me on Star Wars facts . We get home and after lunch he makes lego ships, wampas, AT-AT walkers out of his legos. Then it's time to read Star Wars books, repeatedly. Maybe, a little Star Wars movie watching or an episode of Star Wars Clone Wars. When the brothers come home it is time break out anything remotely resembling a light saber and begin the dueling. Dinner time is used for Carter to ask these questions "What does Han Solo do?", "What does Chewbacca do?" "Who uses light sabers?", "Who is a protocol droid?" ect...You must know the right answer to these questions (like the Han Solo questions answer is : He flies the Millennium Falcon) or he just repeats the question until you get it right. After dinner we do a little more Star wars pretend play. Brush teeth get into bed, with Star Wars jammies on, read more Star Wars books and lights out..rinse...repeat. If you wanna make Carter's day just refer to him as Chewbacca instead of Carter.
My favorite character is Han Solo. So, I'll leave you with my favorite Han moment: A shaking of the ship knocks Leia into Han's arms. She tells him to let her go and he says" Don't get excited" to which Leia quips "Captain, being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited" and Han responds with "Sorry sweetheart, I haven't got time for anything else."

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