Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowapalooza 2011!!!!!

The news is blowing up about this! The weather guy on channel 4 was so pumped up last night he reminded me of those excitable dudes that sell stuff on t.v after 2 am. He couldn't even hide his excitement while discussing how people would be in danger if they tried to venture out. I imagined him thinking this in his head "If you bastards even step outside you'll be instant Popsicles, AWESOME!" I was totally pulled in! I have realized that I am still a little kid at heart. I can't wait to see what this snow storm is gonna look like.
I washed all our extra blankets, put batteries in all our flashlights, and stocked up on foods that don't need to be cooked. My hubby has even got the green light to work from home! I am imagining the ice planet Hoth here people, wouldn't that be awesome! I keep telling myself I live in Michigan and they always get the weather wrong, but I can't help but be excited about seeing an epic snow storm (as long as everyone stays safe, no collapsing roofs or anything!). I will let you know if the reality is as exciting as my imaginary snow storm.

p.s(for anyone who doesn't know what the ice planet Hoth is...shame on you)

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