Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Poem

I like poetry and was thinking of posting a weekly poem. We will see if I stick to it or not . Oh look, here is one now!

You wanna snake and shake me and see what might fall out.

You approach and slowly snake and shake me all about.

I was the rigid frozen ice minding my only own, when I heard the raven caw

Along you came to snake and shake and make me promises, if only I would thaw.

You pulled me in and heated me through and through and through.

But,I am no fool, not the fool that would believe that you were true

After the shake you took my gold, baubles and my shine

You violated my body, stripped my spirit and my time

and when I was all used up and nothing left was worthwhile

you decided that my burden cramped your vastly imaginary style

Now my ice is melted right away, exposing all my latent fears

and I'm left here in this salty puddle that tastes suspiciously of tears

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