Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Do You Fit It All In?

I want to scrapbook, coupon, learn new cooking techniques, practice baking, garden, compost, teach carter, blog, do family game night, diet, exercise, meditate, do yoga, do tai chi, read fiction, read non-fiction, do tarot readings, learn photography, volunteer, have more babies, start my own business, go back to school, get certified in reiki, refurbish old furniture, play racquetball and about a million other things....but how do you do it all? I have always had a hard time prioritizing and staying on target. I start on one thing and something shiny catches my eye and ... I also lack the energy to do all the things I want to do in a day. Many of these things I do already, but not as regularly as I would like. I think I will contemplate my list and try to come up with 5ish things to focus on. I will now begin deep contemplation and get back to you when I pick!


  1. Consolidate?? I see yoga as exercise, and can't you also meditate while doing this?? I think you can learn new cooking techniques while you practice baking..maybe that can be limited to one afternoon a week?? Learn photography while taking pics and we will get together and scrapbook at least once a month, or I am telling Project Life!! It is super simple and if you think the whole kit is too much just buy some pages and I will show you some ideas for the rest. Be pregnant while you do all these, then use a Moby after "she" :) comes to keep on keepin on! Blog, according to a friend of mine she sets up all her posts on Sunday and then schedules them to post each day of the week...then when something really strikes you, jot it down in a journal then blog when you have a chance. You can provide service (volunteer) in your home, while still doing other things. You are always teaching Carter :) Just by example!! I read at night or when the kids are watching a show. I snuggle with one and read while they watch. Getting certified in reiki could be like going back to school?? Playing racquetball, you and Dan should schedule it and let me help with the kiddos while you play and then have a good lunch! Ok, I think maybe I covered everything...oh couponing...we should work on that together once a week like on the phone or something?? I am reorganizing my binder tomorrow as a matter of fact :)

  2. I just reorganized my coupon binder today (the coupons were from november, shameful).I will have to employ some of your other suggestions. I can't help thinking 80 percent of my problems would solve themselves if I would eat better and exercise (then I would have loads of energy for all the rest). Too bad I keep failing at the whole food/exercise thing....