Saturday, February 26, 2011

End the Madness!

I try not to judge other people. I make a conscious effort to try and think about what may have happened to bring that person to this moment and this behavior. I do it because I think it is very important for our growth as a species to be able to see the bigger picture. OK, that being said , I am not perfect and I am going to drop a little judgment.
It is time to stop the madness! Which madness you may ask? The overindulgence/damnation of our kids. I am sick of seeing parents in the stores, etc...telling kids who are acting the fool that they will get them something. I know why parents do it, "Little Jimmy was so good today" "Little Suzy will only behave in the store if I bribe her","It will teach him to read, it's educational" " I never got to have that and now I can afford to give it to my kids. To that last I say, no you can't. Lots of us now a days don't have savings accounts, retirement accounts or college accounts. More importantly, we are HARMING our kids. Re-read that last statement. Like feeding loads of sugar to your kids is bad for their bodies, loading them up with tons of crap is bad for their spirits and future. The more you give them , the less it matters. If ,since birth, little Suzy has gotten most everything she wanted the less value these things will have. To her it is an expectation not a valuable privilege. She gets it whether she is good or bad.If she breaks it, you just replace it.
Here is another shocker for some parents, you teach your kids how to treat you. If they act like little maniacs because they want juice while you are trying to finish something and in the end you stop what you are doing and get the juice, you just taught them that acting like that works. Every time you give in to a child that is misbehaving they learn that misbehaving works. Also, you don't have to reward your kids with stuff for acting the way they should act. Just give them love and praise instead. If you say, pfft that won't work I will lovingly (in the nicest way possible) say you are lazy. If this is always the policy (love, extra attention, loads of praise instead of toys) it WILL work!
I am not saying that everyone should not buy your children toys. Life is meant to be enjoyed.If they get a really great report card I take them to dinner one on one. I like to get my children toys at Christmas and birthdays. Also, be reasonable about how much you spend and only buy what you are positive will get at least 6 months worth of use and only what you can actually afford. This doesn't mean use every holiday to spoil your kids. Easter baskets should be filled with sweet treats, toothbrushes to go with the sweet treats and maybe a fun dollar store trinkets, not 60 dollar video games.
I am seriously worried about what this next generation of entitled children will have to face when they are adults. We want to leave this world a little better off when we leave it. We can do that by teaching our kids the value of a dollar and that happiness can't be found at the bottom of a Toys'R'Us bag. Teach them to give instead of take. Make them share with their siblings. Make them always say please and thank-you. Have them garden with you so they can see how long it takes to grow food and how lucky we are to have it. Teach them that they are not the center of the universe and love is more valuable than an xbox. I think we have forgotten that the most valuable 2 things you can give your children are free, your time and love.
Don't think to roughly of me for this and ,if you see yourself in these descriptions, don't think too roughly of yourself. Everyday, no, every second is an opportunity for a new start and the whole world and all possibilities are waiting.....

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