Friday, December 17, 2010

Renewal of Christmas Joy

Remember when you were a kid and Christmas seemed exciting, mysterious and just about the most wonderful time of year? Yea..... as you get older and some real life smacks you in the face this can change. My Christmas experiences changed into a whirlwind of spending, rushing, white-knuckling few weeks that inevitably ended in a huge let down. I would spend boatloads of money on buying up everything the kids just HAD to have (and never played with), making plans to do a billion things all at the same time, procrastinating Christmas wrapping until I found myself with 2 boatloads of things to wrap on Christmas eve. Dealing with the loss of loved ones (miss you Mom and Eli) that should be with you during this most family oriented of all the holidays. Planning all these fun things for the kids to do that I just never quite got get the idea. Needless to say Christmas just kind of lost its zing. Until this year. Here is how it started...I offered to host Christmas Eve. When I decided to do this i found it so exciting a prospect that I wanted to enjoy it. The only way I could think to avoid the stress that can bring was to be organized. I made a list of everything that needed to be done then broke it down into a few things a day from then until Christmas eve! Here are the side-effects of that decision : I am not overwhelmed, I feel proud of my accomplishments, I am done with shopping and wrapping, my house is getting uber organized, I am getting much more holiday activities done (more about that in my next post) and best of all? I am giggly, joyfully, can't sleep excited about Christmas! I feel like a kid again! There is just something about cooking for people that not only makes me happy about that but energizes me for all things Christmas! Oh cooking, thank-you once again for all the happiness you bring me!

On a side-note...about all those presents your kids just have to have? DON'T DO IT! I cannot tell you how much happier Christmas can be when you spend the money on a family oriented gift and family holiday activities! I feel good knowing that without a shadow of a doubt our gift will get much, much use and if you feel the itch to do some holiday shopping? Do it but drop it in the Toys For Tots box on your way out of the store! Why should those presents sit in the corners of your house where your kids never got to them or only played with them once, when there are kids out there that would truly appreciate them :)

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  1. You rock so much!

    I have always felt that Xmas gifts don't need to be any more than a simple gesture of 'I'm thinking of you/miss you/love you'. It can be a book, a DVD, or best of all, just time spent together!

    I will definitely miss your cooking - and the whole family! See you in 2011!