Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You may have a problem when your dreams involve barcodes...

So, I'm a bit down today. Maybe rundown is the right word. I have been burning that candle at both ends and now the wick is gone.
See, I have this bad habit. I have had it for a long time and it always sets me up for failure. I tend to be passionate with things I decide to put time into. Alright, I was sugar coating it. I get down-right obsessed. My newest obsession is couponing. As a family of 5 living pay check to pay check we are always on the look out for ways to ease the money pinch and when I learned just how much money you can save when you know the "right way" to coupon I was stunned and brimming with hope.....that turned into obsession. I am spending hours on the computer trying my darnedest to pick out the "right" coupons...spending hours in the store trying to find the "best" deals...I am up at night worrying that I missed something. I have a binder and printer shudders when it hears me coming and then just whimpers when it sees the coupon-crazed glint in my eye. All this focus and determination! ......Gets me nowhere because I do not know what I am doing. I just randomly print out coupons then research where to get the best deals and then just wander around the isles completely forgetting everything I learned during the research phase. It is a pathetic sight I am sure. I realized in Walgreen's today I had been walking back and forth down the shaving isle muttering to myself about BOGO's and doublings while my 2 year old was unscrewing all the caps.
Then I got home to realize that tomorrow my 9 year old's science project was due, dinner still needed to be cooked, the house was trashed and it was already 3:00! I pulled myself together, we cranked out an awesome project, I made a delicious organic meal for my family, did the dishes by hand (with help from my awesome Hubby), read to the little guy and tucked him in, swept and mopped and finally had a moment to relax. I went to my computer and next thing I know I am looking at freaking coupons! That is when I decided on a self intervention. I am calling myself out and taking the rest of the night off. I still believe that coupons can save money but tonight the only thing I am researching is the DVR menu.

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