Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ok, this blog will loosely be based on a real life...Just kidding. My aim will be to be as honest and candid as I can. I hope to learn alot by opening myself up, which hasn't really been my comfort zone in the past. What the hay, lets give it a go....
I will start by saying I am totally outnumbered. It is me and my boys. There are 4 altogether. The mini men are as follows : Carter is the youngest (3 in May), then there is the middle man Donovan (9) and on top is Trent (11). My main man is Dan (he is ageless and awesome). As you can see if I need a jar open or something heavy lifted I am all set and I have a pretty good life. It hasn't always been that way and maybe when I get used to this sharing thing I can share some of the nitty gritty, but for now, I want to talk about all the reasons I started this blog.
Dan has alot of family living a pretty far leap away so I thought it would be nice to share cute stories and pictures somewhere. Also, I wanted to practice my writing. I am not very good at telling a tale and have always wanted to be. Another reason is I fancy myself quite spiritual and to grow sometimes you have to be a little uncomfortable and tackle new challenges and lessons(like how to show yourself to others and fight the fear of how you may be judged) and lastly, sometimes in my quest for knowledge I learn something I just can't unlearn and darn it I need to tell some people about it!
So ends my first official post.Hopefully I will be back and not scared off :)

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